The taste of independence since 1922.


The taste of independence
since 1922.

The range of beers has, of course, since been developed; however, their production processes remain the same to this very day. Discovery a whole family of beers, where each member has its own characteristic particularities and its own story.

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Since Jenlain can also be enjoyed outside your home, here is a list of all the places delighted to serve you one!

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A delectable family story...

Since 1922, five generations have successively taken over the brewery, over its eventful history... From Léon to Mathieu Duyck, discover the fascinating story of this devoted family!

The latest news from the brewery

Discover the brewery's latest news, and much more...

Beer talk

From country fare to the finest gourmet dishes, Jenlain deliciously invites itself to any table... A delectable selection of ideas for the culinary enthusiast.

These cocktail recipes, based on the most illustrious of Duyck beers, have been selected by a jury of professionals and amateurs. Discover and enjoy, with due moderation.

Jenlain - all yours!

To concoct all of these delicious recipes, discover the entire Jenlain range in just a few clicks!

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